Tuesday, December 13, 2011

22 Great Examples of Street Art

One of the most controversial forms of artwork is street graffiti. It has been prevalent since centuries and has matured and refined over the years. It was used by the Romans as a sign of protest and criticism against their rulers. Street graffiti is still a common way of expressing political and satirical remarks on the walls of both public and private property. But conversely, it is also considered as a devious and notorious form of art as it exploits and harasses public and private possessions.
As graphic designers, graffiti is always an inspiration point as it helps in learning new and innovative ways of expressing feelings and emotions in the form of art. This technique of artwork has swiftly crept into the field of design including logo design as well. Today, I have collected a fresh compilation of 22 street graffiti artworks that will leave you amazed. I personally enjoyed each and every one of them thoroughly and hope that you will also like them.

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