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Featured Etsian: Mary Rose

Not that long ago I discovered etsy, the most artsy friendly e-platform of grand dimension! I found items I loved and ideas that inspired me. After a few months, I found myself wishing to be part of this community. I thought of what I had to offer; bought materials and stringed away; picked a name; took photos; went online and asked more experienced etsians for advice; until finally I re-did the whole thing! Being on etsy has been a new and thrilling experience and one am happy to share!

►Who's behind the scenes and where the name comes from

I'm most inspired by colour, movement and the sweet & salty traits of striking personalities! I have experienced life in quite a few different towns (from Lisbon to Florence, Warsaw, Amsterdam and New York) BUT (or maybe because of that) I've also come to love the distinct beauty of nature.

I'm fascinated by the colours of trees and animals, as well as by the incommensurable services provided by nature. The honesty that nature portrays is what I wish to bring to my jewelry pieces -- I want to substitute the industrial careless and repetition for organic, more original, elements, while still embracing all the great things brought on by human development.

I have a sweet spot for everything FOLK, whilst understanding society and the rules needed to promote progress. Such are the reasons which have led me to thecityfolklore ♥.

► Supplying with conscience

I work primarily and preferably with recycled materials and buy from fair trade partners. I'm aware of my responsibility to ensure social and environmental practices across the value chain. Even though most of the supplies are eco-friendly and buy from socially responsible partners, I have not yet managed to find everything needed from reliable sources. However, I promise to keep searching and improving.

►Your feedback matters

I'm determined and motivated to help you find what you're looking for. I believe I have rather original items that fairly represent my folksy yet urban influenced spirit!

If there is something specific you need and cannot find, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME and I'll do my best to match your needs.

1. A little about yourself

Hello, friendly folks! My name is Mary Rose (a Portuguese sort of version to be precise) and am 20 going on 30 years-old. I live in Lisbon, Portugal, where I was born and raised. I graduated in Political Science and have a Masters in Global Governance from a dutch University.

When my friends think of me, this is what comes to mind: my wholehearted opinions which I stand by to extremes and which I debate ‘til am left with no voice (others might call that being stubbornness but keep in mind am portraying my friends’ view); my dedication to everything family related; and, last but certainly not least, my will to travel and the never ending curiosity for anything out of the ordinary – I’ve been lucky enough to live abroad in quite a few places: Florence (Erasmus), New York (interning at the UN), Warsaw (interning at a Portuguese company) and Amsterdam (studying).

At the moment I’m back to Lisbon, but I reckon I have not yet seen the last of my travels! I like Lisbon and I love being around family and friends, but I can’t help felling drawn to new experiences and challenges. I’m working full time at a non-profit and I’m perfectly happy with my job so I’m not looking for a change at this particular time. However, one can never predict what’s ahead and I can definitely think of a few cities I would never dare to say no to!

You should also know about me that I’m that type of person with a million ideas per second but very rarely persistent enough to get things done. I’ve had tons of hobbies throughout my life and a few of them lasted more than a couple months! Dancing is probably the one that has lasted longer. And now beading, of course!

2. What do you create?

I make jewelry using mostly recycled glass beads from Africa (mostly Ghana). I found these beautiful beads while looking for African fabrics and I rapidly developed a passion for using them in jewelry. I would also very much like to experiment with African fabrics (they have such beautiful colors & unique patterns) but haven’t had the time yet.

I make necklaces (entirely of beads as well as using metal chain and suede), bracelets and earrings.

As I don’t make the beads myself, I try to make the pieces as unique as possible and to introduce my own style which is very folksy and hippie. My creations are also very colorful, which is something I find hugely important!

3. How do you get inspired?

I’m inspired by everything around me. I reckon if you pay enough attention you’ll find tons of worthy stuff around you. For what am creating for thecityfolklore, I’m most inspired by the beads themselves which are quite unique and very beautiful. Am also inspired by color and a folksy lifestyle (mostly music and books).

4. Seen any good movies lately?

Quite a few, yes. More recently, I was absolutely mesmerized by Drive, the movie from Nicolas Winding Refn with Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. It’s a rather unusual film among what’s being released. It’s a simple storyline but a very complex take on human behavior. The actors’ interpretations are fantastic and the soundtrack is just perfect. I really recommend it!

5. Read any books lately?

I have, yes. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same time as I once did, but there’s also where to read up on some chapters. I’ve been reading a lot of classics later (re-reading Franny and Zooey for the hundred time, American Pastoral and such). Not quite sure what I could recommend from what’s been recently released.

6. What are your traditions for the holidays

Our holidays revolve mostly around family and food, as they do for most Portuguese families. I spend Christmas holidays running around Portugal in order to meet everyone. The 24th I spend with my mother’s family and the 25th with my father’s family, both at the respective grandparents’ houses with all the cousins, aunts etc.

On the 24th is served codfish for dinner. Not long after, around midnight for some and at one o’clock (after mass) for others, a big supper is served, with loads of sweets and turkey. At the same time, kids get their Christmas gifts, which they will usually find by their sock or shoe. Adults also exchange gifts among themselves.

The 25th is also traditionally celebrated both at lunch and dinner, around the table! For me, I usually head back to Lisbon, with my parents and sisters, right after lunch (which is not very elaborated as at that point everyone is pretty much racing to get somewhere else). We always meet with my father’s extended family for dinner and usually have turkey with chestnuts, rise and spinach. Gifts are exchanged afterwards.

With family and great food, can there be anyone who does not like the holidays?

For new years’ I don’t really make big plans. If I happen to be invited for a friend’s house for a long weekend or so, I might go ahead and do that. Otherwise, I’d rather stay at home by the fireplace with a nice glass of wine than make extravagant plans to go to an overpriced place with lousy loud music and bad drinks! Clearly, I don’t care much for New Year’s Eve, although I will certainly take up any opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

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  1. Such an honor to be featured on your blog, Rebecca. Thanks for the opportunity!

    ♥ Mary Rose