Sunday, December 11, 2011

Featured Etsian: Jerrika Schwandt

A few months ago I was making a necklace for my boyfriend out of hemp and I though why not open a shop. Of course I plan on selling a lot more than just hemp jewelry. I like to work with polymer clay, metal, hemp, ribbons, etc. My newest element is gel candles because they are easy and fun, but they can be so elegant. I hope to have a lot of success on Etsy and a lot of fun.Everything, of course, is hand made with lots of TLC. Thanks for reading!

I am a full time college student going for a Bachelors of Social Science. I split my time up between school, my Etsy shop, and my grandfathers house so it can be challenging to get things done sometimes. I make a verity of items and I do a lot of custom work. I feature hemp in my shop right now, but I hope to add a lot more items soon.

Hemp jewelry, earrings, and rings for right now. My earrings and rings are mostly made out of beads and polymer clay. I do a lot of custom work and OOAK items. I love custom orders because they a special and made special for someone. I also do commission work, but that is mostly through another website.

Deviant Art is one of my biggest inspirations. There are so many great artist on there with beautiful works it is hard not to be inspired. I also like to look through blogs and things like that to see what others are making. A lot of inspiration just comes to me when I least expect it.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Such a great movie and a wonderful end to an epic series.

Recently I read Janitors and it was pretty good. Though it doesn't get interesting until the middle of the book. Read the latest Monster High and it was ok, it seemed a little rushed. I am working on Octavian Nothing Traitor to the Nation Kingdom on the Waves right now.

Traditionally for Christmas we eat and open presents and play with what we got all day. Our family keeps shrinking so we do less and less these days.

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