Friday, December 9, 2011

Featured Etsian: Alexia Rostow

Alexia Rostow is today's featured Etsian

I am a woodblock print and letterpress artist. Instead of pursuing a degree in fine arts, I completed an apprenticeship of sorts to learn my craft. With a Master's in Art History, I draw my inspiration from all forms and periods of art.

Porcuprints is my in-house printshop in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in wood-engraving and letterpress.

All my fine art prints are 100% original designs, drawn onto blocks, hand-carved with engraving burins, and hand printed on acid-free paper. My letterpress pieces are all originally conceived, hand set and hand printed.

 To see more of Alexia's prints visit:

1. A little about yourself...
I am actually a type A personality, but with a creative side, which probably explains why I do printmaking (it is a rather detail oriented medium).
2. what do you create?
I create wood engravings and woodblock prints. I also just fully restored a tabletop Kelsey Excelsior letterpress. So I will be getting into letterpress cards/posters/etc.
3. How do you get inspired?
I have a Masters degree in Art History, so I am inspired by all historical periods and styles. My entire living room is full of art books. Anytime I pick one up, I am inspired.
4. Seen any good movies lately?
I am weird about movies. I only watch comedies, or action films. Basically anything that is going to make me unhappy or cry is not cool. It is old, but one of my absolute favorite movies of all time is The Fifth Element. I watched it last week, again.
5. Read any books lately?
I read all the time, and all types of books. Inspired by my latest print, I recently read The Tattoo Murder Case. Written by a Japanese author, and translated into English, it is about Japan after WWII. Beautifully written, a great story.
6. What are your traditions for the holidays, if you celebrate?
I go home to visit my parents in D.C. Food is a big deal in my family, so I guess that is our tradition for the holidays. We always make a rum cake for Christmas morning and usually make or get sushi for dinner!

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