Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Featured Etsian: Stephanie

I have always been creative. When I was younger it was dance and painting. Then a health problem came up and I found making jewelry very therapeutic. I will never be able to wear all of the things that my mind creates so I thought I would share my love of color and unique composition.

The inspiration comes from the beads themselves. Some have sat here for monthes and not been touched and all of a sudden they need to be made and thats all there is to it. Today being such a day, saw a bag of glass pearls that I've had forever and suddenly they had a destination. I know it sounds strange but as a creative person I hope you understand. They are the last 5 pieces listed.
When a piece is difficult to put together I know that isnt supposed to be.

Anyway, I spent about 25 yrs working in restaurants from the ground up, now this is my full time occupation (pre-occupation is a better word) I do craft shows in season and here on Etsy.

Necklaces, esp. longer ones for larger size women. Being a large girl myself I had a hard time finding pieces that fit right and didnt look like a choker, thats where the'' voluptuous woman '' section of my shop came from. I worried about offending people but we know we're big, might as well buy what fits.

This piece is currently my favorite
not sure why.

For more beautiful items, visit: Silver Lining Kreation

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